Tutorial: How to make tassels and use them to decorate

Tutorial: How to make tassels and use them to decorate

Hello ! Today there is a tutorial on the blog and they want to know what's good? It is very easy, fast, it is divine and has a thousand uses.

We are going to make some tassels and give you some examples of how could you use them to decorate objects?

  1. Materials: Embroidery thread, can also be made with thread or wool. Scissors. Small piece of cardboard. If you want something more sophisticated, you can use golden baby ribbon, gold or silver thread, some bijouterie hardware, etc.
  2. We cut a cardboard rectangle from the height we want our tassels to have. We wrap the thread around. I gave the cardboard 20 times, but this depends on the size or thickness (?) We want them to have when they are finished.
  3. Cut a piece of yarn so that we can do what you see in the photo number 3.
  4. Tie with a loose knot.

5. Remove the cardboard and adjust the knot well.
6 Cut the threads so that they are as in the photo and with another piece of thread tie firmly also as seen in the photo.
7 and 8. Ready! Is not it easy?

  1. Another way to do it, is to wrap the yarn/wool in our fingers. The amount of fingers will also depend on the height we want our tassels. In this case, I also gave it 20 laps.
  2. Then I cut through the bottom.
  3. I passed all the threads by a golden ring.
  4. Finally, tie as shown in the photo. In the photo I used the same thread, but in others I used a golden thread and it was divine.

We use the tassels to decorate a bottle, as seen in the bottom photo.

Also for decorate some dish towels. In this case I sewed them with white sewing thread and some simple stitches. They were divine and very cool!

To tie them all together around the bottle, we passed a golden baby ribbon through the little beads that had the tassels of the second step by step. In the bottom photo you can see the tassels with golden thread.

Have not they been nice?

We also want to use them in a chain like a necklace, in a blanket or pillow or to make a key chain.

Well, we hope you liked it the tutorial today. We are waiting for you next Monday with a great post !!