A different day A day that calls

A different day. A summoning day

colorful tea party

The color of coffee is intense, its aroma is easily impregnated, hilvana wishes. The city seems ready to enjoy the imperfect, sometimes loquacious harmony that is imprinted with dreams. History always has a name and today we start a new story.
Hello! We are Loli and Carina, and today for us it's a day, a common day, a day like so many. Hoynace, Dos Casas Blog. A space of inspiration, where we want to share our passion for beautiful things, for their intrinsic beauty.

tea party

We are revolutionizing with our ideas , we are clear that our goal is simpler and less ambitious, we only hope that you are there, sharing, feeling with us in this space of mutual encounter. We think that the best way to celebrate the beginning of our blog is with this cool and colorful table! They like?
It's not necessary to have a large deployment or high costs to put together a beautiful table. Add beauty with simple things, such as incorporating fruits, or opting for striking colors.

tea party

Being key retailers to build a beautiful table. The beauty and style, are in the simplicity of the small details, a bouquet of flowers, a rich homemade pudding, individualize the places including the name of our guests. The important thing is that they feel that one has given them time and effort.
Marina, from Solo para Mi, always verify that it is good to incorporate some unexpected element into the table, to set up a centerpiece or place it as part of the set. We included in this table a spool of thread, that by its colors and its form was divine in this table of afternoon. What do you think? Are you encouraged to include dissonant objects? we loved the result!